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poor bouncer..he needs your help

Hi everyone bouncer has cherry eye has anyone dealt with this and if so what can be done...i massaged it back for now but will he need surgery ,,,will he have dry eye the rest of his life...oh i'm so upset by this...and yes i'm taking him to my vet,,,just need info till i get him there.

Get up in the mornin, See his smilie face
And he’s ‘Waggin’ his tail all over the place
Nice fresh water and doggie snacks in his bowl, I pour
Belly up like a pup, shakin his body askin me for more
he’s such a good Dog he deserves the best
But his nose is everywhere looking for the rest
Get his leash and out the Door we go, for walkies
But as we go along I think it should be, ‘walkie talkies’
I talk to my Dog every single day, you see
I am sure, ‘one Day’ he will talk back to me,
But until that day will come
My Dog is Number one …




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We've had several with cherry eye...

some vets snip the gland out, others tack it.  We've done both, neither had dry eye after.  Snipping definitely prevents a recurrance.

Cherry eye

Bean had cherry eye that I could only massage back in a few times, then had it tacked. (Some people massage it back in a few times and it never pops back out). Within a month after taking it, it popped back out, so we had it removed. Because of this experience, I will only have them removed in the future, it seemed a waste of time to have it tacked. I didn't to pay for the removal though, since I already paid for the tack (great vet!!!). I've heard that tacking almost never stays. Bean doesn't have dry eye, I don't know if this will change in the future, I hope not! I've heard that it depends on the vet and how it's done. If the vet is good and knows what they are doing, the dog wont have dry eye. I don't know if this is true or if it depends on the dog, but my rescue swears by their vet they use for cherry eye, so I'd think it depends more on the vet! I used my breeders vet, since I knew he was bulldog savvy, so as long as you find a good vet, all should be good!

Good luck, hopefully massaging it in will work for you and there will be no surgery!


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Tacking worked.

Mr. Higgins had a cherry eye pop out the day after I got him home at 8 weeks, the other one the next day. I had a fit. He had tacking done at 13 weeks by an opthamologist and they have stayed in ever since. My breeder paid all the insurance premiums for the first year so I was lucky with no waiting period. He is now 8 and never seen another chery eye. He does have mild entropion so I lube his eyes for that daily.

My only advice is get a specialist to do it.


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thank you all for answering this..i looked on the medical page first and couldnt find any posts thats why I did here and knew someone would answer..well so far it hasnt popped out again but if it does I have a very good vet..she's had bulldogs all her life...thanks again everyone...and bouncer sends a sloppy kiss




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just dealt with this a couple months ago

Otis had Cherry Eye back in August and we were successful at massaging it back in for a couple weeks. Unfortnately, my parents were keeping him when we went out of town for a weekend and the cherry eye popped out on both eyes and would not go back in. When we came back from our trip, Otis' eyes looked SO BAD, I immediately panicked. I was very upset and crying, even though I knew that Cherry Eye was a common problem for bulldogs. Being our first bulldog, this issue was new to us. Our vet told us about both options, but we opted for complete removal. It has been great so far, and I am really happy with our choice. It's comforting to know that we will not have to deal with it ever again, and Otis seems to be doing great. We put a lubricant in his eyes every few days to help prevent dry eye, but this is not required.


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