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Pit bulls.. again..




Responsible adults

Doesn't really matter what kind of an animal it is, whether its a cow, chicken, dog, horse etc., people have to be responsible for them at all times. And if you can't control them, don't have them. People also have to know and respect what is acceptable in their environment. Certainly free-range chickens probably aren't appropriate in a suburban setting, neighbors might not like them visiting. A St. Bernard in a one bedroom apartment wouldn't be a good choice for a house pet. Neither are PitBulls in a neighborhood when the owners obviously don't care and/or can't provide adequate fencing to keep them properly contained.

Any animal will get itself into trouble when left unattended. Dogs get into fights, get lost, hit by cars, harass livestock or wildlife, chase cars and bikes, harass or injure people. The ignorance of some owners astounds me and the animals always pay for it.


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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VERY well said lynn! it's

VERY well said lynn!
it's hard to refrain from commenting at times w/the negative remarks about pits...but my ex was a breeder and an owner and at one time we had 7 in our backyard and believe me it was no easy feat-BUT w/the exception of one or two w/peculiar temperments we had some of the most tamest/docile and friendly pits...my beautiful sinister,merlin,sally,boomer...to name a few...the breed is NOT for everyone that is for certain...and at the end of the day an animal is an animal you cannot predict when or why they react the way they do...i don't care how friendly or what the breed...my archie was the friendliest bully who actually sat and posed for strangers-never met a cell phone camera he didn't love and he adored children,yet he attacked my dad 3x,the 2x he required 7 stitches...so yes the onus should be on the owner(s) who should be responsible!

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and to add...my dad/mom took

and to add...my dad/mom took care of him all day when i was at work, an adult was always always w/him when the kids(niece and nephew)were over at the house and always on a leash when we'd be sitting outside in the front yard.