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Pet Sitter

Anyone ever had to hire one?  How does one go about searching for a pet sitter?  One that can live in and not just stop by for mail and let the dog out.  I'm not sure I even want to hire one because safety is my main concern.  


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Pet sitter

We use an in home pet sitter for Rebel. It's been about two years now and we've been very happy. I started off searching companies--I looked for length of time in business, certification by national pet sitter associations, and it they were bonded. Then I emailed them for references and felt out each owner. I went with a company in business for 10 years that met the other qualifications. They also do one sitter for your family--so people aren't trading in and out. We had the sitter come out and meet with us and then we started with an overnight visit, the a weekend, etc until we feel good leaving for a week at a time. They leave a little note each time they come by so we have a stackful of updates when we come home.

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I've used Pet Sitters

and prefer this over a boarding kennel.

The first pet sitter I had was the same situation, licensed bonded, had bulldog experience, I met with her in our home prior to our vacation to get the feel if she was a dog person. She stayed at our home over night, left late morning around 8 or 9 came back at noon to do a walk, potty break, then came back around 5 pm and stayed all evening. Pretty much the dogs normal routine.

Now I use a person who is a bulldog & mastiff owner, she's also a trainer and shows once in a while and has raised a litter or 2, so she has lots of doggie and bulldog experience. She preferred to keep the dogs at her home in their upper level, master suite. They were spoiled.

Check with you vet for referrals, also some times vet techs will do pet sitting. You might consult members of your bulldog club for references. It really is good to network to find out who others use and what their experiences are.

Get a good pet sitter that

Get a good pet sitter that will cuddle with him!

They need lots of attention when we are not around.

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We have a retired vet tech...

And she stays with the boys the whole time we are gone.  She also gets the mail and generally house sits too.  Check with your vets office and see if they do it or can recommend someone.  It's a lot easier if they can be at home.