pet insurance recommendations

I am looking to purchase pet insurance for our new bully puppy.

I have done a lot of online research, including reviewing old posts. I have narrowed my choices down to three potential companies as follows:

Embrace – like because they cover genetic issues, there are no breed specific exclusions, exam fees are reimbursed and the cover allergies and other chronic conditions.

HealthyPaws – I like because they don’t place any restrictions on hereditary and congenital conditions. I don’t like that they don’t cover vet exam fees. Does anyone know if they have specific breed specific exclusions?

Trupanion – I like that the cover hereditary and congenital conditions. I don’t like that they do not cover vet exam fees and that there is a deductible for each condition.

If anyone could share their thoughts and/or experiences with the above companies or any other company it would be appreciated.


They all have good reviews it just depends on what you want...

I have Trupanion, and I went with a higher deductible.  I want it for the major issue...CCL tear, Cancer etc.  Dooley does not go the the vet very often so this works well for me.