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Hello All..wow it's been forever since I've been on this site, hope you all are well. I'm also hoping someone can give me some advice. Tater is now 6 1/2 years old. He sleeps in our room on the floor at night and at least twice a week he pee's on the floor. He is left out to run all day long while we are at work and never has accidents. This has been an ongoing issue with him, nothing new but my husband has about had it and is insisting he needs a new sleeping arrangement. Tater was very hard to potty train, in fact now he still doesn't tell us when he has to go, we just know to let him out on a schedule. Just thought I'd run it by you all here and see if there were any suggestions or maybe someone else had this same issue.

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Here what you need to do, First you can't just let him out on schedule. Keep track of what time he pee's, once you know that. Take him out half hour to an hour around that time, BUT!.... you have to go with him, No matter what time it maybe or how long he may take. Take his favorite treat with you, don't let him see you taking it nor taking it out with you. If you want him to do his business in only one area of your yard than take him in the oppisite corner of where you want him to go. The reason why you take him to the oppisite corn is when he's able to go out on his own, he'll go to the corner you orginally want him to go. Back to what I was saying. Wait till he does him business and once he does, show him some BIG! love using excitments in your vioce and say to him, you pee pee'ed and poo poo'ed. What ever words you like to choose too use for him, you must say it to him while palming his treat with excitement and showing it to his nose at the same time rubbing his head, shoulder and face with excitement beforegiving it to him. Do this for one week or till he eknowledges that there's a treat waiting for him after his business. If he doesn't eknowledges that yet, than keep going till he does. Once he does eknowledges the teat after his business. This time only take half of his teat out with you, besure through all this fun time with him, he never see's you take a teat out with you nor pull the treat out from your pocket for him. This is "Very Important" that he doesn't see this all happening. Any ways, Half A Treat: By doing this we're slowly taking him off teat rewarding till he only  gets Love rewards from you when going. But till than he gets ONLY!!! half a teat and during this period of half a teat, you now can start standing out side the area he's been going till your standing at your door and than not having to go out with him at all and don't forget to keep telling or ask him to go out pee pee/ poo poo. This method that I have made has worked with all my pass dogs and my dog today. Besure not to tell him to go, asking him to go. This is what I say to my Bully. Molley let go Pee Pee and Poo Poo or you need to go out side to go Pee Pee or Poo Poo. All this in a big voice as if we're having fun. The key is not to make him feel like it's a task but a play time and pee peeing and poo pooing is play time. My Molley will go when I ask her or tell her no matter what now, show's gotten to the point to where she'll tell me she needs to go out, beleive it or not. I hope this Helps you out. I had the same issue with most of my dogs, especially with my bully. Keep me posted on how it goes. If you have any questions contact me anytime, I'd be happy to help you out. 

Hope all goes well, Aude` and Molley

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Maybe he's trying to make a statement?

Like I want to be in that big bed with you!

That is, if he's only peeing at night... Maybe you'll have to go back to crating him?

I'm assuming you've ruled out anything like a UTI that would prevent him from holding it all night.

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I'm sure he is lol

LOL I'm sure he is trying to make a statement, he slept in bed with us for years but almost 3 years ago when my youngest was born he was ousted from the bed. Tater is a special bully with a lot of anxiety, agression and possesion issues which is why he was pushed out of our bed, that is what was recommened to us. Between that and a few other things he has become much better but this occasional pee at night issue still holds. He has been under docotor care due to the anxiety, we had him on prozac for awhile and doesn't have any medical issues that would prevent him from holding, he goes all day without peeing while we are at work. I don't want to have to crate him again at night but if it keeps up that's what it may boil down too, I think he does it sometimes because he's upset with us but I don't know how to fix that. Many nights he dumps over my dirty clothes basket and lays on our dirty clothes, poor little guy, I know he wants to be near us but his possession makes him agressive so unfortunately have to somewhat keep my distance, there for awhile he thought I was his and the same started to happen with the baby, he was very protective over her. It kills me that he doesn't sleep with us, that was one of the hardest things I've done was kick him out of bed. Thanks for the input I had thought of a belly band at night but I don't know much about them. I love my difficult guy though..we had a pee free night last night :-)

Oohhh... ok....  I see what's

Oohhh... ok....  I see what's going on with him now. He's got abandonment issues. Lol... did he shed a lot? more than normally? show him more attention. but he's get better as him pass. 

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he had lots of issues lol

He has LOTS of issues lol He never has shed more than normal and if I show him too much attention he gets agressive with my oldest daugther when she's even in the same room with me, this can be even when he's not getting my attention at the time. It's been a very slow process to get him to where he is now I just don't know what to do to get him to stop peeing on the bedroom floor at night sometimes. I may have to find a spot for a crate in the bedroom if he keeps up, this has been an on and off problem through the years, I don't know what triggers it or if it's just become habit to him now. My boy is a handfull, I always tell visitors please don't judge bullies from my guy because he is NOT the norm.