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Peace of mind when you leave the dogs home alone!

My bulldog and my sisters pug are not crate trained so when I leave them alone they are allowed to free roam. But I always worry when I leave them alone.

BUT! I just got an app for my cellphone called iCam it works for both android and apple phones. Best of all its only $5! I just download the software onto my laptop. Run the program and it streams my webcams video right to my phone! Works for both windows and mac!

You can have up to 4 camera on at once!!

Its great!

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I have 2 nanny cams at home one on each great

Gives you a little peace of mind.


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Food for thought

I felt I had to get home to check just today as I'm not gone much.  Seems like a good idea to me and it's pretty cheap babysitting.



Mean people still suck

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For sure!

I am home now and it was great! I got to watch them all the whole time. It even has sound too. And motion detection that will send you a notification when it detects motion. It can also take a set of still photos when it detects motion.

I am also a victum of a house fire so it still worries me from time to time being out without knowing what going on at home.

I can definatly give this app 5/5. and like I said $5! FIVE BUCKS! 

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Whoa! That is SO cool !!! Thanks for the info! :-) NM



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