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Hello! Just wanted to know if 70lbs is overweight for a 11 month old male? Here is a pic he is the white one. Ill try to find one of him standing up later.

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Can't tell

in this picture...but yes if he is 70 lbs at 11 months...that is huge unless he is a huge dog.  Can you feel his ribs?

My Kohl is a big dog....he has very nice substance and bone, and he is 65 lbs. 

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He doesn't look like it but

he does look cuddley :). I want to snuggle them both!


Fatboy aka Stinky :)

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I can tell they're both beautiful!!!

What an adorable pic! 


I've been told you should be able to feel their ribs.  If you can't, he's probably a bit on the chunky side.



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k what was the question b/c i

k what was the question b/c i just want to smoochies and hugglies those too,lol

they are too friggin cute for words!!! those faces!!!

smoochies the scrunchy faces

It is hard to tell because

It is hard to tell because they are laying/sitting. Brewer is 60 lbs and our vet office has different thoughts. One vet says Brewer needs to lose 20lbs and another says his weight is just fine. Brewers dad was 70lb and pure muscle. Brewer is pretty much pure muscle. I was told from both vets that if he has dimples by his back hips (when looking at the dog from above) and they decrease in size from his belly to his hips then he is just fine. If there is no dip and he is flat from his ribs to his hips then he needs to lose weight. I was confused when I first learned this, but makes sense now. But Brewer walks two miles a day, and still wants to go more, so I think he is the perfect weight. You can always get second and third opinions. But your babies are super cute.