our bully family

Hi from our bully family.
Trucker, the frenchie. 4 years old.

Jarhead, EB, 14 month old. Was kept outside until former owners gave him to us.

Daisy, EB. Almost 2 years old.

Bella, EB. Daisy's sister, almost 2.

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How wonderful to have house full of such beautiful bullies! A bully house is a happy house!

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oooh i love them!!! smoochies

oooh i love them!!!
smoochies the scrunchy faces


LOve them to death. Really couldn't turn down Jarhead when he was offered to us. Now its just getting him house trained, and then off to be neutered. Hopefully this stops the marking in the house . Always loved the frenchie breed and got my Trucker first and then I rescued a 6+ year old frenchie from a bad breeder, had her for 2 years and gave her a wonderful life before she crossed the rainbow bridge. A friend of the family gave me my daisy and bella due to unforseen circumstances and now the english has earned a BIG place in my heart.

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howdy guys~~~great looking family

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Lucky you!

So many beautiful faces.