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OT: This week's column is published. Thanks for reading.

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Hey steph? I love your stuff

Hey steph? I love your stuff you always make

me want to go out and want to try some of those foods...! And i don't stray too much or live ,love your writing style!

p.s. the greek festival ad caught my eye as well !lol

smoochies the divine ms.m

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Pinapple vinegar, eh?

That sounds kind of intriguing... I'll take a pass on the jelly fish parts though :)

Another fun article!

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Even Maybull wouldn't eat it.

I've never eaten any food that, on it's own, had no flavor. It made tofu seem like a flavor-fair. Even Maybull spit out the jellyfish.

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Ha! I can't believe you gave her some!

That's funny. She is a girl of discerning tastes!