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OT: This week's column is published. It includes something for the bulldog. Thanks for reading.

There's a food mentioned you might not want to eat, but I'll bet your bulldog would like.

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As much as I love a lot of Asian food, sometimes I wonder where they get their ideas. I'm a bit queazy just thinking about what you ate. I don't think I'd even give one to my bulldog - although I'm sure she would have loved it.

That said, I do love Asian stores. It's fun not knowing what half the things are that you're looking at :)

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i gotta hand it to you

i gotta hand it to you're definitely alot more adventurous than i am!lol,although the duck egg thingy was
a tad odd to me...but then again one of our greek delicacies for greek easter that ppl order from months in advance is lamb stomach,guts and intestines and all the edible insides seasoned and marinated just right and carefully prepared on a skewer (and not just anybody can do it)for roasting...not to mention the head of the lamb does not go to waste either b/c be it for soup or entree the brain or anykind of bone marrow is the most enriched w/protein!!!
p.s i love your writing style your knack for description has a way of bringing us right there w/you as you're experiencing it!

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That lamb sausage and lamb head? I'd try that. In Israel I ate grilled beef tonsils a couple of times and loved 'em. I tried to buy them here in the USA and apparently they are illegal to sell. You could go to jail.

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i'm surprised more greeks

i'm surprised more greeks haven't been arrested for their extreme and wayward traditions esp around easter time...some
delicacies and the ingredients and preparation required is right out of a horror flick!lol
but in all fairness although i'm not a big fan and i'll have a small taste on that odd occasion...the very few timses that i have tried it...was actually quite good!