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OT: This week's column Global Groceries is published. Thanks for reading.

The Hmong are a tribal group from the mountains of Laos. They helped the Americans during Vietnam. The largest group in the USA live in the Twin Cities. Yeah, I don't understand why anyone from lovely tropical mountains would come to Minnesota, but I'm glad they did. This is about a Hmong grocery store.

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another good one steph-pls

another good one steph-pls keep 'em coming!oh early may is
our greek easter(i know...don't,should you make a trip towards our parts(maybull is esp. welcome!),pls feel free to stop in for my mom's traditional tripe for our easter holiday festive lunch/dinner followed by the roasting of the lamb,her tsoureki(sweet bread),and the various salads esp.taramosalata(carp roe salad),homemade tzatziki... and you cannot end a meal on this holiday w/out the customary "bumping" of red dyed eggs...

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Sounds de-lish. Happy Easter!

Ilove tripe, but I especially love roasted lamb. I know about taramosalata (I eat it on matzo) but I buy my tzatziki in the store. If you want to send me your mom's tripe recipe, I'll try it.

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That Was really informative

I really like how they have the whole chicken in one bag.
I've really enjoyed reading all your articles.
Thanks agaim


Cory & Penelope

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At some point...

The black chickens were expensive, but a some point, I will have to try them. I'll report here when I do. Thanks for reading.