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OT: This week's column Global Groceries is published on a Latin American Grocery. Thanks for reading.

My newest Global Groceries is on a Latin American grocery store. There were some very strange but familiar foods here.

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great read steph...ooh the

great read steph...ooh the peruvian doghnuts looked good!
thnx for sharing doll!

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Have you tried Inca Cola?

If it's a Peruvian focused grocery store, I'm sure you saw it. I tried it when we went to Peru and it's disgusting, lol. It's SOOOO sweet (and I like sweet). Think lime green cream soda with a cup of sugar added = Inca Cola. EVeryone drinks it there, so I had to try it!

I have a good friend who is Peruvian and she has this amazing cheesy potato recipe that she makes every time I come over. Yum!!