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O/T. My girl Kora died today. Very sad day for us...

For those of you that have been around a while, you will remember my sweet girl, Kora. She was my ginormous Doberman girl that we had for nearly 10 years. She was always a delight, and my constant companion while choring and riding. Any weather was fine with Kora, as long as she could be at the barn in it!

Today, we rode out to find a couple of our horses that were out in the back of the property. Kora and Millie, my GSD, are old hands at running with us when we ride out, so I thought nothing of it today. We were out about 40 minutes total, just walking. When we got to the barn, my ranch manager walked up the hill to our feed room to get buckets for the horses and Kora went along with her. I walked up a minute later and found Kora had collapsed into a seizure. Not a bad one overall, but her heart was racing so fast afterwards I thought it would burst. She couldn't get up, so we rolled her onto a blanket and took her to the front door. She seemed a bit better, not panting as hard and not as out of it, but when I asked her if she wanted to go in the house, she laid her head down and just passed away. Very, very peacefully, without any noticeable pain at all.

Kora: In loving memory of our beautiful girl...good night sweetheart, I love you.

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Amy and Sophia

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So, so sorry.

I read of this on another forum but I want to again say how sorry I am. Kora was a beautiful girl.

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Thanks again Steph...

I appreciate it....


Amy and Sophia

Oh Amy, I am so sorry. I know Kora is so special to you

hugs to you my friend. I'll call ya this week.

RIP Sweet girl.


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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Thank you so much Lynn...

You traveled so many of my Kora stories with me:-). And helped me with the love/hate relationship Kora and Sophia had. Surprisingly, Sophia is absolutely devastated. She is so sad, she went out and saw Kora, came in the house and went to my room and only came ut to eat. She is mourning.


Amy and Sophia

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i am so sorry..

i don't get to post to often anymore because I work sooo much... but I have always enjoyed your stories and pics of your ladies. I am so sorry... I know how you feel.. when kibbys best friend past away, she was lost and couldn't find her routine anymore for a while. I became her new best friend and now we have a new fat beagle best friend too... kibby tolerates her , but there is nothing like a bullys first one and only true best friend!!somehow they know.
heaven needed a new angel, take care. :)


sincerely, christine

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Thank you Christine.

It is really hitting me this morning that she isn't here. Our home is very quiet today.


Amy and Sophia

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sorry for you lose.

She looks great in the pics you've posted. rip.



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Oh Amy, that makes me so sad

Kora was such a beautiful girl and an honorary bulldog on this site. I suppose there is some comfort in the fact that she went peacefully and surrounded with people she loved and who loved her. But still, what a tremendous loss for you and your family (furry and otherwise).

I love all those pics of her - so regal yet silly :)

Thinking of you today, my friend.

I am so sorry for your loss.



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oh amy...i can't stop crying

oh amy...i can't stop crying reading that...i'm so very sorry...(((hugs)))

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RIP Kora


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Amy so sorry, what a beautiful girl, she obviously had a great

life with you, I'm so glad she went heart goes out to you.


Ashley, Baron and Duchess

Vancouver, Canada

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So sorry for your loss

I'm so sorry to hear that your girl has passed on. I know the heart ach that comes with that kind of loss. again I'm so sorry for you loss......


Cory & Penelope

Amy I am so sorry

that your Girl is gone, may the memories help you through this most difficult time


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I'm sorry for your loss



Chef D's Mug Shot

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so very sorry Amy~~~~~what a pretty girl

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I'm very sorry Amy, she was a beautiful dog..





Amy sorry for your loss.

RIP Kora...


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I am so lonely for Kora girl today. I have missed her very much all day long. I find myself waiting to hear that bellowing bark at absolutely nothing at all:-) She sure could scare away the bad guys with that voice:-)


Amy and Sophia

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Sorry for your loss

Remember the good times and that will get you through the rough days.   My thoughts are with you.