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Hi Miriam....

I will call my vet in the morning and ask which vaccines my guys get yearly. I know it is East/West Nile, flu/rhino, tetanus, rabies, and something else. I will post to you tomorrow with what it all is. Also, in our area, I know there are different strains and varieties of disease than in other areas, so I only purchase my vaccines directly from my vet. They create their own vaccines for several things based on what is prevelent here, not just a basic overall shot that has all those things in it but maybe not for this particular region. Do you know what I mean? You are not that far south of us, but you may well have a different strain of, say, west nile than we do up here. So you will want to get the vaccines from your vet for your particular area. 

I will post tomorrow.....



Amy and Sophia