So I am hoping tha this is okay to ask. If not please let me know.

I have been looking for another bulldog to adopt but have been out of range for all that need adoption in my area. I called the breeder that I got Brewer from and she has given me a great opportunity. She has a four year old female that she says I can have(for free) under one situation. She wants to breed her one moe time. She said I can pick her up now, and when its time to implant I take her in and the breeder pays for eveything. Then when it's time for the c-section The breeder keeps her for three weeks or tll she weans off the babies.

So my question is, this female seems to have some redness around hers eyes and on her face. I think it could be due to the food (they feed purina lamb and rice) or allergies.

So the part that I do not know if I can ask or not is, they have a website, I was curoius if I give out the website to you guys and you look at the picture and tell me what you guys think the redness could be. If it's just allergies I can take that on. I researched eye problems with bulldogs and nothing seemed to match what she has going on.

Let me know what you guys think.


Just got off phone with

Just got off phone with breeder. She stated the dog has entoprian (SP?) but it can be corrected with surgery. She said she can have it fixed when we bring her in for her c section. I am sure that someone on here has had some sort of experience with this. Can anyone fill me in on the outcome of their dog having this and after the surgery what the outcome was and care that needs to be taken. I appreciate it.


for free....lets see...

a 4-5 year old bully is about at her end of being a breeder.  It sounds like you would be rescuing this bully, from an unknown future, as alot of BYB drop off such dogs to the shelters (They are of no further use to the breeder if they are too old to have puppies)

If she is willing to take care of the dog, and the surgery etc, I think you would be doing the bully a big favor,  with that said 

HOWEVER - Breeding is risky, and you could get attached and 'something' could go wrong (it is surgery you know for the C-section).  I personally would feel better if she was done with breeding, and wouldnt be breed again.  Is the breeder going to pay for the SPAY also? (something to ask)

Good luck :) Keep us updated :) :)


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How well do you know this breeder

and how far is she from you?

If the dog has entropian, why hasn't the breeder taken care of it already. Its a very irratating condition, eyelids rubbing against the eyeball.

Truthfully, I would be a lot less worried about the entropian and more worried about my pet being bred, going through a c-section and staying away from my home for several weeks.


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big red flags!

This honestly sounds like a setup for a scam to me. What starts as "free" suddenly turns in to your dog being held "hostage" until you pay up...

I would walk away.

I agree with Lynn...why hasn't the breeder taken care of the entropian issue?! If it is bad enough that it needs surgery it has been band enough to need surgery for the past 4-5 years. What other care has this poor bully needed that has not been given b/c she's only being treated as a money making machine?

Sorry...you've sent up huge flares and being a rescue volunteer this sets off all sorts of alarm bells in my head.

If you don't mind me asking...where are you located (generally)? There might be rescues close to you that aren't necessarily affiliated with BCARN...


Shannon and Winston :)

My swimming bully buddy!

My swimming bully buddy!

Oliver just had entropian surgery two weeks ago...

this is the only picture I could find of Oliver before his surgery. As you can see, he barely opens his eyes and he has terrible tear stains because of the tearing from his eyes.

this is Oliver today after getting the stitches removed from his eyes. It's going to take awhile for the staining to go away but now I can see both of his beautiful eyes again.

As for the breeder's "deal" I would tread carefully. As long as you get it in writing that she will pay for her care during the insemination, the delivery and the after care and also to have her spayed the same time they do the c-section than I would go through with it.


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Entropian + Csection

at the same time...that is utterly ridiculous. Is she going to have a cone on this bitch and have her feeding puppies.

First off the entropian should have been corrected long ago, secondly why are they using a bitch that has entropian and breeding her. IMO that is a serious enough health problem that one should not be using a bitch in their breeding program with entropian. It is likely genetic, not something I would want puppies owners to have to deal with.

Next addressing the pregancy issues. It is very stressful having a bitch during her last 3 weeks of pregnancy. I was stressed and I've been around pregnant bitches and delivered numerous natural litters of other breeds and yet I was a nervous wreck. Lots of bad things can happen. A week before my bitch had her section a friends bitch died with a full litter, they actually saved the puppies, by doing a section in their house. Not something I would ever want to do.

It's not so easy giving your dog to someone else for 5 weeks. Did you say 3 weeks, is that what the breeder told you, she only wants the bitch for 3 weeks? That is absolutely not what you should do, those puppies learn valuable lessons from their momma between 4 - 8 weeks. They should just be started on food at about 4 weeks so weaning at 3 weeks is just not reputable...unless there is a medical problem that the bitch can'yt nurse.

I would definitely NOT be doing such a deal. If you decide to rescue this poor bitch after the BYB has her litter, fixes the entropian and has her spayed then that is another story.

BTW ... Most vets do not recommend doing a spay during a csection, it can be very risky, it's easy for them to bleed out.

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I agree with Deb 100%.....

please take Deb's advice as she is an experienced bulldogger. I see huge red flags in this entire arrangement. Get the dog away from this awful person and give her to rescue if you can't keep her, sounds like she's in a life of hell, just my opinion. Send me a PM and I'll try to help you.


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