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From the Ohio Rescue Bulldogs facebook.  I bet that bully is fun to clean.

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and he/she looks soooo happy

and he/she looks soooo happy and content,lol!!!

smoochies the scrunchy face

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reminds me of my

reminds me of my sooner was he bathed...he would find 

the spots on the yard w/soil/dirt and roll around...the green grass just

didn't do it for him!!!!

still i miss my bugaboo 

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LMAO !!! Now that bully is having fun !




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looks like that bulldog had a lot of fun!!



Cathy & Zimmer



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humans pay BIG bucks for a mud bath @ a spa ...

what a good bulldoggie getting one for free and saving his humans so much money!  LOL


Leesa, Diesel & Molly

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My mouth dropped open and I stared in awe! LOL


Gunther's Blog:

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That's amazing!

Is he/she asleep or just taking a break from all the fun in the mud?! 


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OMG is right D:

Bath time would definitely be outside for this one lol


Fatboy aka Stinky :)