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ok my fellow bully ppl - help on this one please. Rocco got part of

a cooked chicken, and ate the bones! I gave him peroxide to puke, it worked after a bit, some bones came out, my question is do i give him more peroxide to make him puke more? I caught him in the act so it hasnt been to long


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I've never had this happen but...

I would be afraid that making him puke might get them lodged somewhere on the way up, not to mention the risk of aspiration.  Do you have an emergency vet you can call?  They will sometimes give you advice without bringing them in.  I know of others in this situation and the bones eventually worked their way through.  Hopefully he did a little chewing.  Just watch for signs of a blockage, lack of appetite, vomiting, etc.

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my archie was that way

my archie was that way too...he'd gobble everything right up...couple of bone

incidents not to mention eating a popsicle stick... and then it was catch him if you can!

but luckily nothing serious and nothing that didn't end up coming out after he did his

business...i'm sure rocco will be fine sweetie!

smoochies the scrunchy face

I don't know what to say.

I do know that I would have mine on the way to the vet.  I panic.. even hearing about you using peroxide made me panic and it's not even my dog.  Good luck with the poor little boy.  Keep us informed on what's happening.

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"So far So GOOD!" with Rocco. Dumb ass, not him!!! ME!!!!

Thanks for the respondence LOVE U GUYS!


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If he chewed them..

He should ok.. He looks like a big boy! I usually give a lot of rice for the next few meals so it will cushion the bones on the way out!


sincerely, christine

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how did Roco make out?

How has the past couple of days been?

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He is totally fine Thank God! He's such a food freak!!!! lol.

Thanks for the responses! 


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