Nose rope question

Brewer lately has been having red iritation in his nose rope and his wrinkles by his eyes. I did tons of research and decided to go the route of putting desitin in his wrinkles after they were washed and dried well. I think would work, but as soon as Brewer see's me coming with the qtip he runs in the opposite direction. When I do finally catch him and put it in his wrinkles, he starts to rub his face into the carpet. (butt in the air and face down). So the desitin is getting wiped right out. The desitin is obviously bothering him, and I do not know what to do. Can anyone suggest anything?


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I have heard of two other things.

One is corn starch. The other is Gold Bond powder. NOT the medicated Gold Bond, just regular. 

I use the Desitin on Sophies' tail pocket when I clean it, and she always does the butt rub on the carpet adn I wind up with white smudges everywhere:-(. But it works...


Amy and Sophia

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Also good

Is Vagisil satin cream in the little's got anti itch in it and seems to work well on my dogs face wrinkles.

Also just Vagisil cream in the tube.....



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as well as...

canesten-did wonders on my archie!