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Hi everyone!!!

Iv'e missed you all and i never got to mention that i lost lacy girl a year ago. My grandmother had cancer and i had no one to care for her so i had to put her in a home. Well i called to check UP on her and the lady tell me she had passed away. 1 month later i recived a black bag of rocks with her dog hair in it, Some one killed her. Very scary. It has messed me emotionally.

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Oh my gosh:-( How horrible....

I am terribly sorry to hear about this. Is there any way to find out who did this to her? What home did you put her in? Was it a pet sitter or boarding facility? Tragic...


Amy and Sophia

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WIth a lady i thought would take good care for her. I miss her. Post more pics of your babies they always brighten my day.

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I'm so sorry

This is a horrible thing. My heart goes out to you.

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oh my!

how sad. i am so sorry for your loss.



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I'm so sorry

I think I would call the Law. Did you give your bullie to her? I would have to go over there and talk with them. I'm so sorry you had to go thur this. I don't under stand why she didn't call you and let you know she was gone. But what they sent you was awful. Really I would call the law. 



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i tried. Never got a call back. I miss her. The bag is still in the front yard by the bushes.