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Newbie to the bully breed. Meet Bubba!

I have a 6 month old English named Bubba. He is our pride and joy! My husband has been wanting a bulldog for 20 years, so this year we got him one. We found out Bubba was deaf at 9 weeks. So, we have been teaching him sign language for about 4 months now. He is doing great- he knows sit, lay down, come here, high five, sleepytime, potty, playtime, drop it, wait/heel, go for walk, stairs, food, treat, and his name Bubba. We are still working on No. He doesn't seem to like that one too much. He will purposely turn his head, like he's saying "well, if I don't see you sign, I don't have to obey." He's a handful! I would love some advice though. We are thinking of getting a vibrating collar to help with the training. Is a normal neck collar ok for a bully? I've heard that only harnesses are good because of their already strained breathing. Also, I've read so much about their sensitivity to heat, that I'm almost scared to take him outsdie this summer. We live in TN, where it is hot and humid for months on end. How quick do they overheat?? Should I invest in a kiddie pool or something? Thanks in advance! -Thea (& Bubba)

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Welcome!!! So good that you joined us! I only wish

that photo of Bubba was larger so I could see his cute face better!!!  :-)     That's so great that you've been able to teach

him sign language.....sorry, I don't know anything about vibrating collars.  I can tell you we only use harnesses when we

walk our babies so that the trachea doesn't have any pressure on it like a regular collar/leash.  As far as HEAT....yes, we

are SOO careful!  Even when it hits mid-sevenites----as I'm sure you know, EVERYwhere you read, it will say EIGHTY DEGREES

is their danger point.  In the summer, when the STUPID heat index is a million degrees (can you tell I HATE summer? LOL!!!)

we let them out to potty for a VERY brief time!!  Yes, a kiddie pool would be great, and so is a bowl of water with ice in it, but

of course the BEST thing is to keep them inside!  Our babies have a pool, but they mainly just think it's a big water dish and

DRINK from it....lol....so unfortunately, they don't get cooled down.  Sometimes we keep the hose on and keep wetting them

down so they can be outside a while.  Hope you can post more piks soon!!!!!  :-)  


Our three JOYS !!!  

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Our sweet Archimedes "MEATY" Bones (or as we say...boneSHHH!)    ---born 11/28/08---- our first bullllyyyy!!!

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welcome Bubba

my Sugar who we adopted at 5 yrs old was deaf....she passed away in Oct.... we taught her sign language .....she did very well...i never used a vibrating collar...when we would sit next to her on the couch if she was sleeping we would tap on the couch to let her know we where there and not to scare her....she was very vocal and barked allot...she live in NC and it get hot here...she didn't go out too much...


We used a vibrating collar

We used a vibrating collar for a short period of time becuase it just made Brewer bark even more. But each dog is different. We have a normal collar on him (had to get an extra large because of his 22 inch neck) but we only use that so it has his tags on it. When we walk him we use a harness. Brewer loves summer so when he is outside we make sure he stays wet, we have a kiddy pool and I stay outside with him the whole time so I can watch to make sure he does not over heat. Welcome to the forum and feel free to share tons of picutures.



First of all, welcome to the group. Kudos to you for all the training you have done.  Bubba is a lucky little guy that you take the time to really work with him.  It is very impressive.  I feel like a bad mom because my hearing bullies aren't as well trained as Bubba!  Shame on me!  :)  

I have always used a regular collar with my boys.   I live in Nebraska and heat and humidity are always an issue in the summer.  We walk 10-15 min every day in the morning and the evening.  In the summer, I just cut it way down.  I still want to get our walk in, but I can see when they start panting as we walk it is time to get home.  I have never had any issues as far as them passing out or anything.  My oldest bully loves laying in the sun and would actually cook himself, so I have to really watch him when he wants to lay out on the deck.  You need lots and lots of water around.  I can't wait to see more pics of Bubba!!!!!!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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greetings and welcome from

greetings and welcome from montreal,qc!
well first off my hats off to you for taking on something that is challenging like that-b/c although my archie could hear well he didn't always,lol!!!
i personally used a collar but harnass is better...as far as overheating esp in the summertime here where the humidity and heat became unbearable he was walked briefly during the day and i always excercised him in the evening when he overdid it i would cool him down w/lots of fresh water and at times hose him...but that wasn't often.
pls post more pics of bubba and again excellent job on training your beautiful bugaboo!
smoochies the scrunchy face

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Bulldogs, even hearing ones, don't seem to be able to hear the word 'no.' You've trained your dog better than a lot of people, so congratulations.

Yes, they are sensitive to the heat, but you just have to watch them and don't let them run around too much if it's very hot and humid. If they start to pant a lot, bring them into the AC. Have a lot of cool water ready and keep them in the shade. If they start to have problems, have a squirt lemon around to break up the thick saliva.Most like to eat ice cube and that is another way to keep them cool.

In hot weather, we take walks after dark. There were days when we had to wait until midnight until it cooled down enough, but that was OK because we're both late night people.

I have never had an emergency heat induced problem with any bulldog. Even in hot weather, my bullie will come and sit on our deck and as long as she's generally quiet and peaceful, she'ls OK. I'm sure it'll be the same with you.