new puppy

Hi thanks to all for bitter apple recommendations seems to be working.  Problem no 2 , she doesn't seem to understand the rules of engagement when playing with other dogs. She's really rough and sounds like she wants to eat them ! 


My husbands friend is a dog trainer, he came over when we got Ethel.. She was nasty.. We have Fred (her brother) and Lucy (bullmastiff).. He told us that she was just trying to learn her stop in the pack, which was last of course - I guess she didn't like that.. She does pick on Fred, they fight like my 2 kids (brother and sister) but she leaves Lucy alone, most of the time... He told us to keep poking her in the neck and say no, she doesn't respond then turn her onto her back hold her down until she calms down, you do hear her give up with a long sigh... breathing will calm down... but keep telling her NO!
She does dominate over Fred (he's a lover, not a fighter) so I guess she came out 2nd in the pack...
Keep on it, because she is now a sweetheart!!!! and a mush!!!


that was spot in the pack (not stop)

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This is the way puppies play...

I would keep giving her the firm no and redirect her when she's doing this.  Also, time outs for her and the other dog will help keep it bearable.  This only goes on for a short time while they are teething and learning their manners.

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Welcome to bulldogs :)

My girl would make an aweful ruckus any time she played. Don't worry about that.

If she gets rough with other dogs, take her aside, give her a break and then let her back in. She'll eventually get the idea.

Puppies are a challenge, no way around it :)