New here.

Hi everyone-

  New to the board, thought I'd introduce myself.

  My name is Rob and I am a bulldog enthusiast. My first bully was an American and now I have an Olde English. He is almost 9 months now and he is just plain awesome. As soon as I learn to post pics and/or vids, I will. I got him from a great breeder here in my area. She sold him as a pup but the family returned him. (That was at about 6 months old)....they did a terrible job training him...but she did a great job turning him around and I'm continuing that work.

  Here is my question (I never experienced this with my AB)....when he is tired (but it's not bed time yet) he will absolutely not stay in one spot. He will stretch out and nap in one place and then move to another spot over and over every 5 minutes or so. It doesn't bother me, I just want to know if there is something I can do for him. Anyone ever experience this?

  Thanks everyone, glad to be here.

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Every dog has it's own quirks.

I don't know if this is an Am Bull trait; I have an English Bulldog. BUT, this doesn't sound like a problem, just a quirk. My dog does weird things, soo.

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sorry, no advice to you other than that kjust may be how he does things........



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First of will love it here.  It can be a wealth of information.  I hope we can see pics very soon of your furbaby!  As for the sleeping pattern, you would think he would be so worn out from his day that he would be almost comatose!  I don't have any words of wisdom for you as it is puzzling.  I hope someone here can help.


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)




I've had English bulldogs for 13 years... I swear if it has the word Bulldog in the breed, (English, American, French) you can bet they do something off the wall!!! That is why I am a bulldog fan, they are crazy and I LOVE it!!!

Thanks everyone.

I appreciate the welcomes....Im not too worried about it, I figure it probably has to be with this being his 3rd home in his short 8 months on life.

Im going to put a video of him up here in minute. (Once I figure it out)

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Bulldogs are weird

Oh yes they are!  The only thing I can think of is that maybe he's hot and is looking for a cooler place to snooze, so he changes spots.  They are little blast furnaces!

I wouldn't worry about it unless you see him looking uncomfortable or he's stiff when he gets up.  Then it might be because he's sore somewhere...

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First, Welcome! Glad you found us here!

Well, my girl Sophia is restless at night until I finally give in and let her on the bed:-) Then she sleeps soundly through the night and NOTHING will get her up until breakfast:-) Not sure this would be a good solution, but maybe your baby just needs a safe, cozy crate next to the bed or in your room with you, that he could lay in and feel safe and protected. A couple of little stuffies, a nylabone...might make those restless nights a little less restless. 

Good luck:-)


Amy and Sophia

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Maybe he gets to easily and is just looking ..

For a new cooler spot?


sincerely, christine