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New to the bulldog world!

My husband and I got our first bulldog 2 weeks ago. She already has our hearts and has provided top notch entertainment already. We would like to get into showing her & had our first conformation class last week. Does anyone have suggestions for collars and leads? 

Another question - we brought her with us to the beach (Gulf of Mexico). Any words of wisdom with bullies and salt water?

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Congrats and welcome

Glad you are so happy and I;m sure the pup will be too.

Bullies are too heavy with bone to swim well, so watch the deep water. The salt water someone else will have some idea on that.

If ya have a boat, a life jacket for dogs with the handle on the top of the back looks good. 

I use a harness but I don't show, there is a show page but you have to ask to access.

No choker, or collar with "claws" for a Bully.  Mine have collars but never wear them especially in the house.

I like a harness cause when we go in the car, I have a leash tied in the back seat to keep them safe....mine is tied off in the trunk and runs in to the back over the seat. They want to come up front and visit while you drive and it would help in case of a traffic accident to keep them from flying around [safety first]

But I'd say most people use a plain 1 inch wide leash the collar is up to you

Good luck and have fun!  This is Buddy and Brother...Brother is white....

Ps......also we love Bullie pics!



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Loves the water!

Bertha loves the water and I know they aren't the best swimmers so I was a mother hen whenever she was in the water. 

Right now we are using the collar/leash the breeder recommended so we don't damage her fur and we really like it. 

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We are rookies also. We got Miss Piggy 3/24 and she has been the best ever since. 

So enjoy, we too are learning. 



Bulldogs changed our life!!!!!

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Welcome!!!! Most important thing about collars---

pretty much everything I've read says it's better to use a harness, since they don't pull on the doggie's trachea.....

Anyway, welcome to this site, and please share photos if you'd like....we LOVE photos, and we also love to share

stories (fun and serious!)  :-)   I've gotten such GREAT info / advice/ support here.....!!!  Glad to have ya!  :-)


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And  SOPHIE  Bubbles *Rapscallion*   (LOL!) ---born 4/3/11----our second bulllllyyyy!!!!  

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Welcome to B.D.W

You'll love this site cause anything you need to know there's gonna be some one with what you need. an as for the water just watch them around deep water cause they don't swim well an the salt water might dry their skin so maybe rub her down with some aloe lotion afterward to be safe?


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welcome to BDW~~~~~~