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New to the board

Good evening folks,

Just thought I'd introduce myself, as I am new to the board. I am Hanzo and the grumpy looking one in my avatar is Allie!

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Welcome, the people here are great and full of good advice.

We always love it when new people come aboard.  Allie is a cutie, we love pictures.....Let us know about yourself some if ya like...



Mean people still suck

Welcome to BDW...

Welcome to BDW...

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Welcome Hanzo & Allie

Nice to have you an you'll love this site cause any thing you need to know about Bull Dogs, someone on here will have the answers for you.....


Cory & Penelope

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welcome !!

welcome enjoy the board


  Joe & the girls

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greetings and welcome aboard

greetings and welcome aboard from montreal,qc,
she's a cutiepie...one requirement is you gotta post lots and lots of pics!

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Love you Allie!

I hope you post more photos, soon. Where are you from? Tell us more about you and the cute bulldog.