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Negative articles being written on bulldog ownership

Hi ,

I am new to forum, but felt like this would be a good place for me to express to my feelings.  Lately every time I open up computer to Yahoo and there is another DOG articleI read it.  It usually is what is the worst breed for a new owner (top 10). Well of course bully is on it. What is the most expensiive breed to own, bully is it.  Today, there is a list from vets, what is the top 5 dogs vets do NOT want to see come in, bully is on it!!

The reason I am posting here is I have owned, loved and enjoyed 3 beautiful Bulldogs.  This will be the only dog outside of my chihuahua who keeps Lola entertained that I will ever have.  Point here is I am a little tired of the negative of the negative press being written.  Not only is inaccurate, but it keeps people who would enjoy a bully from having one.  There are misunderstandings about the dog being written.

Plain and simple, when you buy a bully do your homework.  Buy from a very good breeder, recognized with BCA. Also, understand your bully needs lots of daily attention.  The bully has a daily cleaning ritual.They do come with those beatiful God given wrinkles, clean them. Make sure their ears are clean, make sure tail socket is clean, make sure all toes are clean.  If all these basic things are done you can save vet trips. The bully basically is a house dog with an air conditioner in the summer AND needs a heater in the winter.  Lastly, your bully needs kissed at nite,every nite and and nice warm place on your bed.  Nite Nite...


Pamela Stone

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Bully's are the best!!!!


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I read the same articles!

I totally agree with you.  The article I read yesterday made me mad as well.  Non-bully people just don't get it.  Someone once said (about Harley motorcycles) that "if you have to ask, you just don't get it", and I think that applies to Bulldogs!  When I am stopped on the street and people say, "I want a bulldog" I always tell them to do their homework and know what you are getting in to!  That should apply to anything, really!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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What some ppl fail to accept

What some ppl fail to accept is that ANY pure breed

can come w/a whole set of problems as they develop 

and grow older...sometimes it's the luck of the draw!

You hear stories from both sides of the spectrum!

I feel that once

you own a bulldog, you will always want another one - no matter how many problems they have... That's what makes them Bullies!!! When a dog draws that much attention when you take them out, they gotta be good!!!

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mixed breeds arent' healthier

I recently read an article on a study showing that mixed-breeds are not healthier than purebred. Anyway, bulldogs are the best, but you need to support good and honest breeders who strive for healthy dogs and care for the breed, not just the money.

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I agree! I researched the breed for 2 years before finally

deciding on my breeder.  The decision to own a dog should not be made on a whim; even more so with a bulldog.  I don't say this because of health issues, I say this because of the extra care they require.  Let's face it; bully's are almost human....they are like fat babies :). They need love, hygenic care, considerable attention to what they eat, and every now and then a trip to the vet.  Just like babies, except chunkier :)


Fatboy aka Stinky :)

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Well said!

Couldn't of stated it any better, but I do always tell people who stop and ask about matilda how much responsiblity it is to take care of her. 


Alison and my little girl Matilda

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The BIGGEST problem with these articles

Is that it gives people the very dangerous to the breed idea that it is perfectly normal to have a bulldog with major debilitating health issues and that you should just expect it and accept it. 

So when lousy breeders tell potential new bully owners that ALL bulldogs have this problem, they believe it. 


Cathy and Audrey  

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Absolutely Cathy!!!!! So true

I can tell you all, I never do daily wrinkle cleaning or even monthly wrinkle cleaning. If they look like they need a wrinkle wiped then I do. We can seriously do a lot of harm by over cleaning and using antiseptics destroying what the body does naturally.

I'm ashamed to admit my dogs have not had baths in over a year ... not ashamed to say they don't stink. They have beautiful coats, producing nature oils in their coats and shed typically once a year.

I look in their ears weekly and clean if they have junk in them, which is rarely. I wash wrinkles maybe once a month. Right now a little more for MacKenzie because in his nose area because he's having a little untypical yeast so I do it maybe weekly.

If they have eye gunk I wipe their face with a damp cloth.

Kohl at the moment is requiring some weekly under the tail cleaning. He is too fat and it is getting a little gunky. So he's on a diet and it's much better since I took a few lbs off of him.

Ester rarely needs anything done, just the normal brushing and toenails.

Buy a from a reputable who places health and temperament at the top along with the breed standard and are BCA members and are committed to health testing. These breeders should be culling any dogs with allergy issues from their breeding programs...ask about allergies. Honestly if you visit their homes (which you should) and see the mother and any other dogs they have, you can tell if there are issues. Allergy problems are not hard to spot.