Need some help with new male Victorian Bulldog

How's everyone doing? I'm brand new to the forum and a new owner of a 3-month old male Victorian Bulldog. My wife and 10-month old son live in a larger apartment here in upstate NY and are enjoying every minute of our new puppy. I've had dogs my whole life, male and female. Our bulldog, Bubba, looks at me as if I'm the Alpha male and the pack leader. We have established a great relationship even though he is merely 3 months. My problem, however, is that he is challenging my wife constantly. I have talked her through leadership roles and corrective actions, but he is still defensive around her. The other night he had a little accident while I was at the gym and she scolded him with "NO" and he started to growl at her. When she went to bring him in the other room he bit her and she was pretty upset about it. Any type of advice or experience here would greatly help. Thank you




Bring him

to obedience training classes... SHE must do the training, not you... He needs to respect her. I had the same issues back when I had my rotty - she loved my husband, not so much me... I took her to classes and she turned out to be the BEST dog ever!!!! Good Luck - Bulldogs are a little tougher to train then Rottys though, just get him there, you don't want him to hurt your child....

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A three month old puppy...

will have accidents, that's a given.  They can't control themselves any more than a 3 month old human baby.  Training should use positive reinforcement and very frequent trips outside.  Scolding the dog after the fact doesn't accomplish anything.  I agree with getting him into obedience training as soon as he is old enough.  

How did you make out

Just curious as too how you made out with your bulldog, ours is 2 years old and is starting to cause serious trouble....... mike