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Need some Advise!!!!

Hi all, so Lucy is now almost 6 months old to catch everyone up she comes everyday with me to my security/pc shop where there are poeple that come and go throughout the day some she knows other she doesnt know. My issue is everytime someone walks in now it triggers a bark from Lucy and it's doesnt seem to be a happy your here bark but more like fear? or a warning? Some people depending on how she is approached example if the person gets down to her level she will aprroach and begin to play/interact with them if they stand there she will contunie to bark and back away almost scared. My other issue is when walking on a leash she now will bark at people walking by and lunge not saying she would be mean I dont think she would but maybe protecting me? I need some help to get this under control I wopuld like Lucy to be a healthy friendly dog that I can continue to bring to work with me?, any suggestions would be appreciated, is this common among this breed to be fearful at a certain age?


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Qualified Trainer

I would suggest you start takeing her to obedience classes with a qualified/licensed trainer. Sounds like she is in real need of proper socializing.

A fearfull dog needs some serious assistance to become confident. Fear can quickly turn into fear biting.

I agree with Deb

Dogs can and do go through fear periods but they need to be taught confidence building skills and alternative behaviors. You and your dog will both benefit from taking training classes or a few private sessions with someone that uses positive methods of training and behavior modification.

In the mean time, she is telling you that she is not comfortable, listen to her. I wouldn't allow anyone to approach her. Keep a leash on her in your store, when someone enters, calmly pick up the leash and calmly and confidently move her to her crate. Give her a few really yummy treats and go about your business.

Good luck and let us know how the training is going? You can find someone to help you through


Lynn King CPDT-KA