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Need recommendations for doggie booties

This Christmas will be Fatboy's first snowy adventure.  I want to protect those pretty paws he has.  Can anyone recommend a good brand?  


Fatboy aka Stinky :)

Muttluks are supposed to be a great boot

good luck putting them on. Make sure you have a video recorder ready for Fatboys first walk.


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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can't help.....but.....

good luck is about all I can say. Eight years ago when we brought Emma home I to wanted to protect her perfect paws....however she hated anything I put on her feet, or on her period. But please take pictures and share with us. I got the bulldog stink eye. lol

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The only boots Stella would ever wear

Were these little plastic numbers.  She would lie down on her back and tear at any other thing I tried - including a $50 pair of Muttlucks.

I think she tolerated these because they are so thin.  They protect from the salt, although not really the cold.  They are a bit of a pain to put on but really stay on and worked great for us.




Oliver hates the snow!!Wish I

Oliver hates the snow!!

Wish I could help but I also need booties for him...HE WILL WALK THIS WINTER! hahaha