Need help with a new addition....

Farley is doing awsome...but...I work at a shelter and we have an English Bulldog (male) that just came in as a stray.  Owners have not clamied, and if they do not ,I will be taking him home once he is neutered etc.  He had no collar, no chip, NOTHING.  

His personality is a lot like my Farley, my concern is that the new Bulldog (whom we have dubbed Henry) has been intact his whole life and I am not sure of his background since he is a stray.  He does not seem to have any dog/food aggression and passed his temperment tests with flying colors.  

Suggestions on getting them together to be buds.  Other than the meeting at a neutral site, walks, etc.  


Give them time

We have brought several adult dogs into our house and have been successful with all of them. First day or so, we take them outside on leashes, just to let each of them know that there is another dog around, no contact. In the house, we keep them separated by baby gates for several days, allowing them to observe each other. When they are at the gate, I calmly give them yummy treats a few "good job" and walk away. This shows them that good things happen when the other is near.

The first physical contact happens outside. I put leashes on them, walk them around and then drop the leash and calmly keep walking around like nothing exciting is happening. This allows them to naturally make contact without the restraint of a leash but still gives me enough control to separate them if necessary. Repeat several times. Bringing them into the house, I calmly call them to the opened door, close and walk away. Dogs can sometimes get a little iffy about allowing dogs into their space, so I don't hover over them, just go about your business.

Good luck. I know it sounds like alot but I would rather give them some time to adjust to each other then to rush the introductions and fail


Lynn King CPDT-KA