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Need HELP!!

So Seamus is 6 months old and still having accidents in the house! He never poos in the house but does have pee accidents. We live on the 5th floor of an apartment building and I wonder if that is the reason why he is still having accidents. Once he has an accident I scold him then I have to get my keys, get my jacket, get his leash and then go to the elevator, wait for the elevator and then go down the hallway and outside.

He was doing really well but now it seems like every day there is some pee accident somewhere. I try to take him outside religiously and we are using bells on the front door to teach him to go to the door when he needs to go outside. Is this because we live in an apartment so its hard to create an association with going outside and going potty? Is it because he is reaching adolescents? He is getting neutered next week. Do you think that will help?

Any advice would be much appreciated! I just don't know what else to do to get him fully potty trained!!!

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Is is hard in an appartment

You say this is a recently new thing, that he was doing really well before.  You might want to have him checked for a urinary tract infection.  Bullies are quite susceptible to these - at least mine was - and it makes them unable to hold it in.  Plus, it is really painful to them.  It can be easily treated with antibiotics, so no need to panic, but it is something to consider.

Another idea.  Since he's still small enough, can you maybe carry him until he gets outside for a while.  Making it extra clear that he should only pee outside?  He won't tinkle in your arms....  Then maybe eventually put him down in the lobby and walk out.  Then in the elevator.  Then out your front door?

As for the scolding, you actually need to catch him right at it for the message to get through.  To scold him after the fact is useless - he won't understand why you're mad at him.  Now, if you catch him in the act, that's the time to give him a firm NO and take him outside right away.  When he goes there, then you praise him. 

Hang in there, it's a "process"  :)



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Well .. I say its a new thing

Well .. I say its a new thing but it really is more like he went a few weeks when he was only having an accident every other day or every 3 days instead of every day.  Now its more like every day or every other day.  I don't think he has a urinary track infection, but I might get that checked out.  He drinks a considerable amount of water, but mostly in the morning and then after we go out for long walks or he plays vigirously.

Unfortunately I can't actually carry him very far.  He weighs about 35lbs, which is too much for me to carry more than like 15ft.  I am pathetically weak lol.

I do scold him when I catch him in the act and he seems to respond.  I just was wondering how long this whole thing takes ugh.  We have never had a puppy before, let alone a puppy in an apartment. Next time we get a dog we are having a house with a yard!

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Still happens in the yard...

I seem to recall that my Stella was about 6 months before she was pretty foolproof with the tinkling.  So hang in there!!

Smooches to Seamus!

I agree with Celine.

It seems to be around 6 months for the bullies to be house trustworthy.    Don't worry, it just takes time.  He'll get it eventually.


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I was on the 15th floor

When I got Mr. Higgins at 8 weeks. I dedicated myself to his training, pee pee and behaviour. It was outside on the grass  every hour on the hour, after sleeping. meals, drinking and whenever he sniffed the floor. He did go all night long the very first night, which I couldn`t believe.I kept him tethered to me when I was home when not in the crate, i.e. no free roaming. He was accident free from 4 1/2 months of age. He did come crate trained from the breeder. I love the person who invented crates.

Try going back to the basics.


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I meant to add

That scolding will teach him nothing. Set him up for success and every time he goes outside to potty, praise galore. Ignore any accidents. Each time a positive behaviour is rewarded to more it will occur. By default the negative stuff will vanish because these sweet bullies aim to please us. It works!! Good luck, and keep us informed.


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smoochies mr.h

smoochies mr.h

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High Rise

I live on the 22nd floor, and I got Doyle when he was 8 weeks old and had to potty train him. We had our share of accidents early on. It just takes too long to wait for the elevator and get out of the building to potty train traditionally.

I agree that scolding him is no help.

I relied a lot on timing during his 9 years. I noticed when he would have to go relative to when he ate and drank and managed to get him on a " schedule." Don't be afraid to restrict water in the evening ( provided that he hasn't been eating somthing or chewing on something that will make him thirsty). He also would always get high praise and a treat when he went where I wanted him to ( on a tree grate instead of the middle of the sidewalk etc ).

If you learn when he has to go based on when he eats and drinks you should see the accidents cut way down to the isolated incident here or there.

Hope this helps.