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Need food suggestion for a senior

Can anybody suggest a good quality food for a senior girl?  Was feeding Inova but it seems to constipate her.  Switched to Inova Senior, which she does well on but it seems to make her hair fall out and causes rashes/sores on her skin, probably allergic...........thanks in advance

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We just feed regular grain free to our older guy...

Ollie, who is almost 9.  If you need to cut calories, just subtract some food and add veggies like green beans.

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Are you sure the problems are food related?

It might be that they are, but maybe you need a vet visit. My Maybull will be 13 in a month and still on regular food plus regular snacks. (She takes after her adopted mom – iron stomach.) But in the last year she's gotten a lot more gassy.

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Pretty sure

they are food related  when I went back to her other food her hair seemed to fill in a bit more and no rashes  bought TOTW pacifc stream