Need behavior help! Fence fighting....

Both Farley and Ida (our Boxer) have developed the nasty habit of fence fighting with the neighbors dogs.  Problem started when we moved back to Texas.  The people next to us have these extremely yappy little bit of things that run the line of the private fence and growling and barking at the dogs, hence they barked back.  Then the people behind us rescued two dogs and they are HORRIBLE barkers and they started the fence fighting as well. 

I have tired positive reinforcement, putting them up immedately, leash walking in the back yard, pulling them away from the fence and saying "NO FENCE" and we have been trying since June! NOTHING is working!!  They go out and "pretend" they are going to ignore the other dogs but as soon as they start...WHAM the dogs are in high gear! next option is to try the Vibrating/ Shock collars.  I am not sure this is the avenue I want to go down but I am afraid if I get the electric fence they will just bark inside the fence "new" fence line.  They have turned into hoodlums!!!   

Any advice or help  is appreciated...good or bad. :) 

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I know how you feel.

Mine use to be that way. I would Not, never try to use one of those collar on mine Dogs. That is torcher why punish them for your neighbor lack of training or handling her part of being a pet owner, I would fench  that part off and make that area a garden. Keep my babies away but please don't do the collar. 



We have decided not to use the collar...

Today I was at my wits end.  As I am trying to corral my dogs (and we all know how stubborn bullies can be) get them leashed, putll them in the house the neighbor with the rescue dogs was outside on the phone just chatting away oblivious to the dogs.

I talked to my husband today about it when he got home.

We are going to make a "dog run" on the side yard where the other dogs can't see them.. That way the babies can go out potty wtihout it being such a big deal and if they want to hang in the sun they can.  

Thanks!! :) 

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I don't know much about this issue

But could you maybe put something decorative but not see-though along your fence - at least to the height of the dogs?  Like a brick wall or some sort of decorative screening?  Would be cheaper than a new fence and could add some visual interest to your yard - and maybe help with the problem??



We have 8 foot privacy fencing...

so there are really no "modifications" we can do.  We are looking at replacing the fence (it's time) next year and are going to go with a different style that has absolutely NO space between the pickets so hopefully in the long run that helps but until them we are going to do the run on the side yard and hope that works.  

I hate the thought of punishing my dogs because other owners are not taking responsiblity.