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Hey Guys,

Just found out we have had a new Super Premium and Holistic brand of dog food introduced here in Mexico. NATURE´S VARIETY PRAIRIE AND INSTINCT, does anybody have any experience with this brand?

Thanks CHAPO appreciates it.

I've been using Nature's Variety for years.

My little old lady eats Nature's Variety Raw Lamb,  and the other eats Natue's Variety Limited Ingredient Lamb kibble.  I have had very good tear staining, itchy feet, coats look great and firm stools.


gracie eats NV

limited ingredient lamb and I highly recommend! It's her fourth dog food and it's the absolute best. I can't say enough good things about it. It's very expensive but completley worth it!


Well, here in Mexico u would probably be dumbfounded to know that for Eukanuba Lamb and Rice I pay the equivalent of about 120dls for a 30lb bag. For the 15lb I think it is; I pay close to 72dls, and I just checked the price for the Natures variety and its almost the same plus free shipping on an order higher than 95dls.

So I guess you guys higly recommend it am I wrong? I think Chapo is going to try a new kibble, plus he´s already 10months I think its time to go to an adult kibble. I´m sure u guys would agree.

Thanks for the Help!!!!

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I started Buddy on Nature's Variety Instinct Duck Meal and

Turkey Meal a couple weeks ago and he's been doing extremely well. He's prone to itchy skin and paws and it seems the new food has helped him quite a bit!

Good luck!


Thanks Guys for the help, we

Thanks Guys for the help, we really appreciate your input!