Nail Cutting?

Can Anyone here give me some tips of a better way on how to cut your Bullies nails? I think am doing it right. She's not hurt when I cutt her nails or anything nor is she fighting me when I do. I just would like a good pair that does the job clean and right. I bought these big pair of nail cutters at the pet store a while back, it will light up with a green or red lights to help indicate if am cutting her nails to far in the nails. But they really suck. I've went through 3 different pair of cutters now. The ones with the light being my last one. I'd like to find a good pair that will cut through the nail cleanly and comfortable enough to cut down on them, if that makes any sense. Any tips and suggestion? and on good pair of nail cutter I should go with. Thanks

Molley and Aude

I don't cut ...I dremel.

Easier on the nails and the dog IMO.  Farley usually falls asleep while I am doing his nails, and my Boxer HATES to have her feet touched so dremeling is really quick.  My husband holds the in the chair outside and I do their nails.  Takes about 10 minutes total for both dogs! 

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Millers Forge

Millers Forge make good one with a scissors type cut. I have the type with the orange handles, I think 6 inch.

I only use them on the dew claws, and the rare long nail.

The rest of the time I use a coedless dremel.  One that plugs into the wall is great too, ya just move the dog around.

I use a rough sand paper type head that is replaceaple and preformed in a circle to fit the dremel  arbor, which holds it all to the dremel tool.  More smiple to do than to write about.

I use the fast speed on the cordless and grind and let off grind and let off so as to do the work, but to not build up too much heat.  The fresher the sanding material on the refill tube the easier it is. But you do get a few grindings from each refil.  I also put their harnesses on and my wife holds goes pretty quick even with 8 feet.

I*'ve never used a stone type gringing head because the sanding heads operate cooler and better.

Good for thought.



Mean people still suck

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I'm not drunk I accidentally  made the  print small and I was afraid I'd lose the message if I fooled with


Mean people still suck

Thanks everyone. I never

Thanks everyone. I never thought of the dremel. I've seen them before, I just thought it be harder to use on my Bully. I'll got and pick one up. By the sound of what your telling me, it's alot easier to use and it will have a clean cut looking nail. I'll let you know how it turns out for us. As soon as her nails grow back. LOL...


Molley and Aude.

get the Sanding bit, not the cutting bit !

Just make sure you get the sanding piece for the dremel, I can see some folks trying the little disks that are ment for cutting.  The sanding part of the dremel looks like a little drum :)


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I use the sanding one as well.

When I first started dremeling I used this as a great guide on how to dremel nail properly.  I have yet to hurt my pups dremeling and the secret is to let the dremel do the work.

Thank you Farleys mom for

Thank you Farleys mom for this link. Very,,..Very helpful. Everyone show know about this link. Again...Thank you Farleys mom

Molley and Aude.

Your welcome!! Good luck!!! :)