My puppy keeps wetting himself

I have a 7 month old bulldog.  Every morning promptly at 5am he barks and wants to go outside and immediatly relieves himself.  My issue is that I think he's "wetting the bed" while he's asleep.  He never barks in the middle of the night to go outside but every morning his bedding is wet.  Is this normal?  Is he just still too young to know better?  How can I help him overcome this "habit"?  "Problem"?  "Laziness"?

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Has he been neutered?

He could be marking his bed.  If he sleeps in a crate, try taking the bedding out and let him sleep on the bare crate floor.  I'm assuming he's not losing control while he's asleep, that would be cause for a vet visit.  

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He may need to have a little less water allowed at night.

Do not take his water away all together, but allow him to drink less in the late evening. Make sure yo utake him out right before bed time, and if you can, give him a mid-night potty break as well. At that age, he may just be having trouble holding for so long. Also, take all bedding out of his crate. He needs to not have anything he can mark or claim as his territory. 


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