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My Penny went to the Rainbow Bridge this morning...

Penny wasn't a Bulldog but a Miniature Pinscher.  She was PollyAnna and Olive's older furr sister.  Penny had multiple health issues in her senior years but was a tough little lady and seemed to have 9 lives like a little cat. She came into my life after my husband died unexpectantly and filled a void with her unconditional love for 14.5 years.  She passed peacefully in her sleep on her favorite quilt.  I will miss her and a piece of my heart has been ripped out but I know God called her home and she can now run free with the angels and has no more pain.  RIP "Jake and Kate's Sassy Penny" Jan 25, 1998 - October 6, 2012...


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(((hugs)))...i'm sorr for

(((hugs)))...i'm sorr for your loss sweetie

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I'm so sorry - Love to Penny

I'm so sorry - Love to Penny who helped heal your heart, rest in peace sweet baby :)

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RIP Penny

Sorry for your loss

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I'm so sorry

Oh Angela, I'm so sorry for your loss. Heaven has a new star now. RIP sweet Penny.

Suse & Lulu/Germany


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I'm so sorry to read this...

rest in peace sweet Penny.  Sending you hugs & prayers.


Cathy & Zimmer



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So sad to read this!!! Many, many ((( HUGS )))). I know

all of you are sorry!!!!!  


Our three JOYS !!!  

Sophie,  Meaty,  and, Professor   (adopted in March 2016, went to Rainbow Bridge Dec. 2016)  

Our sweet Archimedes "MEATY" Bones (or as we say...boneSHHH!)    ---born 11/28/08---- our first bullllyyyy!!!

And  SOPHIE  Bubbles *Rapscallion*   (LOL!) ---born 4/3/11----our second bulllllyyyy!!!!  

Thinking of you Angela..........

We share the sorrow of your loss!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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so very sorry Angela~~~RIP Penny

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Sorry for your loss.

My thoughts are with you.


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Rest in peace little Penny.

Angela, I am so sorry about Penny. I know how much you loved her. My condolences my friend.


Amy and Sophia

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Hi Angela, I'm sorry to hear about Penny

Best wishes to you.




Rest in peace sweet girl

Angela, I'm sorry for your loss and I am sure you are going to miss that little peanut.


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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so sorry Angela, but what a wonderful life

and a wonderful companion...I know you will miss her very much....big hug from us.


Ashley, Baron and Duchess

Vancouver, Canada