This is my first year on the forum and

am wondering if there is to be a calendar this year. I remember seeing one last January and would love to participate and purchase some.

wow good question - I havent been as active, so I dont know

and the wife has been on me, to atleast do a "Gizmo & Hershey" calendar, but I really liked seeing all of the other bullies that I knew.  I guess this site is slowly fading away :( :( :(


Last steps taken May 26, 2014 -- Been rolling along ever since . . . . 

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Sadly, no calendars this year.

Sorry :(



Cathy & Zimmer



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Go to Gary Landry's porch forum-I think they have them.  Also-Several of the rescue groups have them. SCBR I am sure has them on facebook

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This is the bulldog porch forum

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I also know SoCal Rescue

I also know SoCal Rescue (Southern California) produced a calendar which supports several other rescue groups (including the one i'm involved in)


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Oh, good idea!

I have a couple of their t-shirts already.  Why not a calendar!!