Is my English Bulldog truly an English Bulldog?

im a new member, and also a very recent new english bulldog owner,Blake is 4 months old and weighs 28 pounds,he will be 5 months old october 21st ... i just wondered if this is all normal for a purebread English Bulldog????what age will he stop growing in height? THANKS

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Just like people

it's all different.  

At 6 months Chef D was 42lbs.   He will be 11 months on Friday and weighs 58lbs.  So he got big fast, but started to slow down when he hit 6 months. Not sure if it's normal or not (it's our first).


Chef D's Mug Shot

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I think he's beautiful

I love that photo of him sleeping so soundly.

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I love his polka dots!  He's adorable!

Bullies can keep developing until they are about 2 years old, so you've got a while.  Not as fast as in the first few months, of course,  His size right now looks perfect to me!!



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if he snores like my archie

if he snores like my archie did then yup...he's a bullie alright,lol

smoochies the scrunchy face

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LOL! Oh, very WAY much a Bulldog!!!

And a lovely one at that!!!


Amy and Sophia