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Is my bully weird or just a puppy?

Our bully is far from lazy.    All he wants to do is play and socialize.  Not even necessarly with us, he loves to go on walks. We do 2 miles every other day or so.  The opposite days we do shorter ones.  Since we live in an apartment we can't just let him out, so a few times a day we also do a block or more.  

At home he is always giving us balls or ropes to play with.  I swear from 7am until 7pm he might sleep 3-4 hours tops.  We just moved and I'm working from home and it's getting a little exhausting.  LOL

We are going to start taking him to dog park (he loved it in  NOLA) and maybe doggy day care.  

Is this normal for a puppy or did I just get a really active bully?  What is your bullie's daily routine?


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For much of her life, Maybull had energy

We used to take Maybull for walks around our neighborhood lake, abotu 2 1/2 miles. Her regular walks were about a mile a half. She loved to play, especially tug and fetch. As puppies, the are filled with energy but they slow down as they get older. However, if you keep your dog walking long distances (and one or more good, long walks a day) it might live until it's 13, the way Maybull has.

Maybull can still walk eight or nine blocks if the weather is good bu we usually keep it a four blocks because she wants to get home and at her age, she gets what she wants. Just don't walk your dog if it's too hot, and bring water along, just in case.

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Good to know.

I really enjoy walking him, so I don't have a problem with continuing to do that.  Although after spending 15 years in the Virgin Islands and then 1 year in NOLA, I'm not really use to this 20 degree weather here in Indy.  Ha.  Chef however isn't bothered at all and really likes going outside.  He is an attention whore, so that's another reason he likes going out.

I was very anal about taking him out last year in the heat in New Orleans.  You don't have to worry about him in the heat.  DH used  Chef D as the excuse why our place had to be kept at 67 degrees.  Hopefully we will not have the same issues here in Indy.  Sure once in a while, but not 5 months in a row like down there.


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My Brewer is almost 2 and

My Brewer is almost 2 and having him makes me think that I have a defective bulldog (and I tell people this all the time). We walk 2 miles a day and he acts like we never took a walk. We play all day long, and he acts like I never play with him. Then when I leave the fiance plays with him all night and sometimes on walks again. I love my Brewer to death and would not trade him for the world, but I thought bulldogs were supposed to sleep and be lazy and not require just as much exercise as a lab or retriever. But I think every bulldog is different, so I am sure everything is just normal with yours too.


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That is Chef D

He also acts like we don't every take him out or play.     We thought a bulldog would be great for living in an apartment.  Ha. The place is not long enough, so he returns the ball too quickly.

It's worth though.  I'm getting good exercise myself, so it's a good thing for me.  Everywhere we walk people comment on how pretty he is.  I have people rolling down their windows in 20 degree weather just to comment on him. So it makes me proud he is doing so well.


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that's what i thought when i

that's what i thought when i had my archie-was not so,lol!!
i walked him quite a bit at night when i was home from work
and during the day he was quite active w/my dad...but playtime was playtime and boy did he have a bundle of energy!
he could've been snoring and if he so much as heard a ball bouncing from outside where kids were playing he was up
before you can even realize what!!!

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Rebel is close to 10 now, but

Rebel is close to 10 now, but when he was a puppy he was non stop. I remember having to put him in his crate to empty the dishwasher because he was constantly nipping at me to play. When we would go for shots and the vet would say, he might be tired, I would think I hope so! He never was...He settled down over time now sleeps most of the day, but still has crazy energy bursts. Good luck! I remember being so exhausted with him.