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my brother's dog apollo....

although he's not a bully...he's half lab/half german not doing good...

he's been w/the family for almost 10yrs and although he has seen the kids literally

from babies to toddlers,has attended every family function and for a short time

was "big cousin" to my archie...apollo is slowly dying...he started dehydrating b/c he wasn't

eating,lost 10 lbs in 2 wks...he has a kidney infection...but it seems that treatment is not working

and he's still not eating just sipping water...doesn't seem to be in pain but doesn't have the will,

appetite or the energy he once had...they are bringing him to the clinic today but we are expecting

a grim's been a very difficult we lost my 48 yr old cousin to brain aneurysm

we lost my archie in january andthe pain is still raw...too much loss and sadness going round-ugh!!!*apollo w/my niece*,i love this pic of them!!!thoughts and prayers to our big boy pls...we love you apollo!!!

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Sorry to hear that

Sounds like he has had a wonderful life, full of love.