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My 10 week old pup is biting too much!

Hi everyone!

My name is Priscilla I'm new to the English Bulldog world. I picked up my baby Bruno when he was 8 weeks old; he'll be 10 weeks old this upcoming friday and his biting habits are becoming difficult (and painful!!!). I simply walk by him and he's going for my toes, my sneakers, my fingers, my arm, etc. Can anyone give me some word of advice on how I can curb this? I know he's teething and I've purchased a few Kong toys for him but he seems to love flesh lol! Help!


Whoever said a girl's bestfriend was a diamond obviously never owned an English Bulldog <3

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Try this.

When your little bulldog bites a person, you grab him, gently hold his mouth closed and say, "No Bite!" in a loud, clear, firm voice. Don't yell and never ever hit your bulldog. Hitting will just make him more stubborn. But, EVERYTIME there's teeth to human skin, say, "No Bite!" You can also distract him with a toy. (Not snacks.)

The biting is part of being a puppy, but biting people is not allowed.

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Thanks so much! Started

Thanks so much! Started trying that last night! He seems to like when I put his chew toys in the fridge for a bit. The cold must feel great on his gums!


Whoever said a girl's bestfriend was a diamond obviously never owned an English Bulldog <3

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He is not a man eater, I promise!

He's just a puppy, and that's what they do. 

Any time he comes at you, stick a toy in his mouth and play a bit.  If he bites you, give him a firm no or "no bite" and just walk away.  He'll soon realize that biting toy = playing = good and that biting person = being ignored = bad!

Give him some time, he'll get the picture.



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We used to spray our feet with...

bitter apple to keep the razor teeth away.  It does stop after a few weeks and then they are just so lovable.

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Bitter apple, I'll look into

Bitter apple, I'll look into that :)


Whoever said a girl's bestfriend was a diamond obviously never owned an English Bulldog <3

normal behavior!

Gracie was horrible at this age -  brutal on our feet!  We put coins in a plastic container and shook them when she would start to bite us and then said NO. Then we ignored her.......this worked for us.  I think this is a very normal phase they go through but trust me, it doesnt last long.  be consistent with whatever method you use and your pup will be just fine!

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Welcome to an English Bulldog puppy ;)

Our boy was a crazy puppy. I have scars in my ankles and feet from his razor puppy teeth. We kept him on a short cat length leash in the house so we could get him quick and redirect him when he would go for our feet. It worked well for us. Good luck. I remember those crazy days!!


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