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Moving in with a kitten

I am just looking for any tips or pointers anyone has for us.  We are moving in with a kitten and I want this to go as well as possible.  He has been a "single" dog up until now and he is 6. 

We will be making an area that the kitten can get to, to get away from Onslow, "a safe spot".  He has only been around one cat that he didn't try to chase and it was because the cat wasn't scared of him.  If something runs he usually chases. 

Any tips or advice would be appreciated. 


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my archie didn't like

my archie didn't like cats...*lol*,for some reason there was an instant dislike to them,

but apart from barking at them he  really didn't do much...hopefully onslow won't have

that prob w/your kitty...we want to see pics of them together!!!

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Couple pics of the kitten

I'm sure she'll be screaming like this when she see's Onslow.  LOL


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i'm not a cat person per se

i'm not a cat person per se but that one cute kitty!lol

i'm sure all will be well b/tween them-you'll see! thnx

for the pic

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I hope so

but I'm a bit nervous about it. 


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A suit of armour for the kitten?

Stella loved to chase cats.  She never caught one though, and I don't think she would have done anything other than sniff and dribble on them.  :)

I'm sure it will be fine as long as kitty has somewhere to go.



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Uh oh, a siamese...

They are REALLY smart, Onslow.  You better watch your back!

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Lady and the Tramp

When I see a Siamese I think of Lady and the Tramp and of course their song.


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It will depend on the how the kitten is. Our older cat was 2 when we got Kilmore and the other two kittens were well kittens. The three cats never seemed to be bothered by Kilmore and Winnie. But Oliver and Rocco have puppy energy. The cats are now almost 14, and the other two are 9. Our 14 year old (Klaus) stayed out in the open from day one and the boys could careless about him. Bonkers and Toby get chased every time because they hide from the boys. The boys seem to think that when Klaus is playing the bongos on their heads it's play and get excited, but don't ever do anything to hurt him. We have baby gates up for the cats to have safe spaces. The ony thing you could do is put the kitten in a carrier or vice versa and let them have a safe sniffing zone.  Like any new animal it will take some time.  Good luck!


some advice from the boys...

"our skin sister, Bweanne, just mobed herz kitty in wib us too! It's been about free weeks now and wez are all used to each other. At first, we fought he was just a squeaky toy fur us to pway wib but momma kept telling us 'No, boys, weabe da kitty awone'! Da kitty has a safe pwace (akshully two) to get away fwom us. Dis is us da udder day

wez wike each udder now!!!


Kim, Remy Le Beau, Lord Sebastian, and Sir Oliver

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omg kimmy how sweet!!! i love

omg kimmy how sweet!!! i love those pics!!!

and ofcourse-I LOVE YOUR BOYS!!!

smoochies the scrunchy faces

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What a beautiful kitty:-)

I have my cats with my dogs, and most of the kitties were babies when I brought them home and introduced them to my adult dogs. I generally just let them smell the kitty on my lap and then see how it goegs from there! If there is any inclination to chase I get right on it immediately and put a stop to that. So far I have been okay doing it that way! 

Not much help, but congrats on the baby, it is darling:-)


Amy and Sophia

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Onswow, it'll be jist fine

All youz hab to do is twain da cat to do dis


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That is AWESOME!!!  We have a

That is AWESOME!!!  We have a cat, but I like my dog better - the cat might move a few notches up if he could do this!!!!

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how is it going with the new addition? ....

Hey Onslow hows it going with your new kitty friend?  are you two getting along and living happy together...hope all is good!   (this is a pictures of us with our kitty before he passed away)


Leesa, Diesel & Molly

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He met the kitten yesterday

and things went much better than I expected.  The kitten is NOT afraid of him.  Actually I think they both just want to play together.  I have high hopes that everything is going to be fine!  =)  We move next weekend so I will update again after we get there.