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More proof

Buddy and Brother rest up on the patio, after a few rounds of Big Time Bully Couch Wrasslin'.  King of the mountain and tug the ball, and don't forget bite the foot [their feet lol] and I don't know what ya call it where they put their mouths together, and go ra ra ra ra ra ra, ra, both real fast, and you think you may be left with 2 pairs of chomping teeth like in the cartoons....all in fun though.  It's cooling down here and we are getting winter coats....might be the food or that Mammy Dottie is home, but they were frisky....



Mean people still suck

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Nothing like a nice nap after a vigorous rumble.

We used to call the "mouthing thing"  the "snapping jaws of death".  Stella never actually clamped down on anything, but those jaws were snapping away and the growling was FIERCE!



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omg look at those

omg look at those faces!!!they are just too cute for words! not too mention the

look of contentment,lol

smoochies the scrunchy faces

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How cute!

looks like that was a loooong play session! Very adorable, both of them :)


Cathy & Zimmer



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They look very content.

What happy bulldogs!

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oh man, they are so adorable!

:) :) :)
Buddy's mommy 


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Adorable picture

I'm glad to see that your boys are thriving!!