But Mom, I did the vacuuming last week....

and I'd really rather just lay here in the sun.

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I don't blame you!

Get a sunbeam and forget that vaccuming!! LOL sweet picture!


PollyAnna's Words of Wisdom



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Ugh, I don't blame you! Sunbeams are much better than cleaning!

Great pic!


Amy and Sophia

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awww......what a good girl to help with housework....Meaty

and Sophie only bark and act crazy when the vacuum is on, but your baby actually DOES the vacumming???  LOL!

COOL!  :-)  What a cutie pie!


Our three JOYS !!!  

Sophie,  Meaty,  and, Professor   (adopted in March 2016, went to Rainbow Bridge Dec. 2016)  

Our sweet Archimedes "MEATY" Bones (or as we say...boneSHHH!)    ---born 11/28/08---- our first bullllyyyy!!!

And  SOPHIE  Bubbles *Rapscallion*   (LOL!) ---born 4/3/11----our second bulllllyyyy!!!!  

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too cute!smoochies the

too cute!

smoochies the scrunchy face