Molley needs Help?

I just found out that Innova has been recalled. This is not good for my Molley since she's been feeding on the brand of food for 3yrs now. Am asking for Help on what I can feed Molley know. I have spent a lot of time food the perfect food to put her on than this happens. There are a lot of brands out there that Molley will not take to, I found this out the hard way early in her life. So now am Lost in what to replace her Innova with. any suggestions? I don't want Molley to have too go through that food chose all over again. I was hard for her enough the first time and now that she's getting to that age, I don't know how she'd react to a new brand. Just looking for something right off the bat and not go through what we did again.  Thanks you everyone for your time.

Aude and Molley.

wasnt the recall just 1 batch/lot or very limited??

I've seen so many recalls recently, that I'm losing track of them all.  However . . if it was a one time thing, and you have had great sucess with that product, I personally would stick to that product.  Now if its a major recall that they shut down a plant, I would be looking for an alternative.

We want our bullies safe, as we want our kids safe, however, in mass creation of our foods, there *IS* going to be recalls, for 'Possible this or possible that'   please use your own best judgement, I'm just saying you dont always have to rush into a change.


Last steps taken May 26, 2014 -- Been rolling along ever since . . . . 

More on the 'voluntarily recall'

"As pet parents and dedicated pet health advocates, it pains us to inform you of the first recall in our company's 21-year history.

During a recent random sampling, the Michigan Department of Agriculture confirmed the presence of salmonella in one of our products. We take this extremely seriously, because your pets are like ours – they're part of the family – and we aren't taking any chances. As a result, we have voluntarily recalled a number of our products as a precautionary measure. Fortunately, there have been no reported animal or human health issues associated with these products, and we have confirmed that this is not a widespread issue."

again, its your call, do what you feel is best.


Last steps taken May 26, 2014 -- Been rolling along ever since . . . . 

Thank you Innova pet

Thank is So!... cool to see that a Pet food company responded to my post. That make me happy and even more Happier because it tell me as a parent, Innova's takes pride in their food product to be safe and healthy for my Molley. Thank you.

I did take Molley's food back to the pet store once I found out about your recall. When will this recall be resolved? so I can put Molley's back on your  Innova Prime Grain Free Beef and Lamb Formula. When will this formula be back on the shelve?  Molley loves your Beef and Lamb formula and so do I. Is it safe right now to purchase this formula right now? I got Molley on this other brand for the pass week now, it looks ok for Molley right now but I don't want to wait or see down the line that this brand I have her on now isn't working for Molley. So I'd like to get a head start in finding the right formula for Molley if Innova Prime Grain Free Beef and Lamb Formula isn't returning to store shelves anytime soon or at all. If this should be the case, Is there another Innova formula you can recommend in your dry products that will give the exactly same resaults as your Grain Free Beef and Lamb formula that I can feed my Molley? but "Must!" be the same as the previous formula Molley was on and show the same resaults or better?  Why is this formula important for Molley, well besade being very health for her and that  I approve of the Innova brand only. This Prime Grain Free Beef and Lamb Formula has shown that my Molley doesn't get gas, Like not at all, it's very rare for Molley to pass gas. I've had Molley other brands before discovering Innova, all with Bad resaults especially with gas and Molleys coat is Very healthy and white looking, she doesn't shed as much all because of this particular Innova formula. So... I Thank you Innova for putting the perfect formula out there for my Molley to enjoy and worry free on me, Well... til Now cause of your recall. But... Thank you and Thanks you very much for commenting on my post, you don't know how Much!...  this means to me Innova. We would like to return back to your Beef and Lamb formula soon. Please let us know when we can soon. Thanks you Innova

Sincerly, Aude and Molley


ahhh I'm just a bully daddy... not Innova company :P

Sorry, I was trying to give you information on the recall - I dont want you to misunderstand, I am NOT part of the company, I dont work for them, I dont even use their product.  Sorry.....

I was just trying to say not to do a Knee Jerk reaction to a recall, to investigate it, and make a knowledgable decision.   If you go to their website, I'm sure you can ask them all of your questions, and I think they even have a phone number to call.

Good luck!

Rick and Dottie

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Last steps taken May 26, 2014 -- Been rolling along ever since . . . . 

Thanks for letting me know,.

Thanks for letting me know,. Both on the Innova info and this one aswell. You sounded like you were from Innova just by the first 2 sentences. But thank for letting me know. 

Aude and Molley.