Molley has a Mean Bite

My dog Molley got in a fight with a Pit Bull last night, good thing Molley knows how to fight back. She wasn't injured or anything nor was the Pit Bull. All that wrestling training with Molley since she was a pup came in handy for her last night. It's comforting to know that Molley won't back down from any fight. I always thought she would run or take the beating. Am Very Proud of Molley. Am not saying that Dog fights are good to see of do by any means. Am just saying that am VERY proud to see that Molley knows how to protect herself if am not able to get too her in time to stop the fight. Because the Pit Bull ran off before I could get in between them and stop it. Molley must have a mean Bite to her in order to get a Pit Bull to just stop attacking in any fight their in.

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U show him Molley!!

I think Kibby would run.. I think both my ladies would run... Sometimes I try to picture if I see a questionable dog own the street, what would I do? Both ladies are like 40 and 50 lbs... Who would I pick up and rescue? I always vote for the older dog ! The I picture me kicking the other dog in face before he gets a chance to attack!


sincerely, christine

I worry about things like

I worry about things like that too when am walking Molley and see other dogs not on the lesh or the owner is no where to be found around their dog, I'll picture the same thing to protect Molley. But than am comforted because am a permit gun carrier should my life and Molley's life feels theaten. I never would want that to come and have make that type of call. I hope you don't have to Ever face that situation I was with Molley with any of your beuatiful ladies. It's not a situation any tpe of dog owner should be in. It's sad that some of these Pit Bulls are agressive and can't get along with other dogs. Am very happy that Molley wasn't hurt, but am not sure if I can say the same of the other dog, it's not the dogs fault for being so agressive toward other dogs. But it still make me mad that the owner didn't control it. I could've reported it and than ask if the dog could be put down when it's the owners fault for the dogs behavoir. 

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My worst nightmare

Stella was attacked once by a husky and he bit her on the head and face. She was bleeding although not badly hurt.

She didn't even move. I think she was so shocked that not everybody loved her, that she was just stunned.

Glad Molly defended herself but not happy to hear about the fight :(

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atta girl molly!my ex hubby

atta girl molly!my ex hubby bred pits a very long time ago...although we owned a few up to 7 at a time and regardless of the rep...they all had the gentlest of temperments,...but molly in pitbull deadgame girl! ;)

Thank you everyone from

Thank you everyone from Molley

I would guess that the Pit didn't intend to fight

it would not have run away if it had. Most of the time, interactions like this are more a show of bravado, lots of nasty noise but no injury.

Glad it ended with everyone O.K.


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It was kill or be Killed

I would like to think of it to be that way, but that wasn't the case, the pit bull was intending to do some serious hurt to Molley. It ran up to Molley growling than jumped on her in a very aggressive nature to bite down on the back of Molley's neck, but Molley was to quick for the pit bull to get any grip on her neck or any where on her. Molley than took a good bite on the pit face and neck 3-4 time before it decieded to run off. I was just about to kick it right in the head to help Molley and stop the fight before it took off. I when every thing was safe I took a look at Molley and notice some blood, it was't Molleys blood am thinking Molley got the pit bull on the ear or eye some where.  But Yes... I too.... am very happy that no one was seriously hurt, I hope...   I was just shock by what just happenout of no where, and with a pit bull of all dogs. What is my odds of that happening.