Molley is bored.

Hello everyone, am back and am bored as hell. Molley went to my doctors appointment with me, it was an hour drive that and and hour back. I've never seen Molley this bored in our car dirve together ever. She sat like that the whole way home. I thought I'd share the photo and the story behind it.

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Looks like she just

Wants to look at her mommy , 



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I think......

she's saying to you "Mom swing by the drive up window of McDonalds"........LOL
too cute!


Cathy & Zimmer



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i ,ove the..."are we there

i ,ove the..."are we there yet mommy?" lazy
smoochies the scrunchy face

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ohh LOL

That is one seriously cute face though Molly! Bored?? Please come over and entertain Olive :-)


PollyAnna's Words of Wisdom


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Looks like are we there?No. wake me up when we get there

You have a very cute little bully an she's a character too


Cory & Penelope


Thanks for all your comment everyone, But there is jUUUst.... one thing. Am Daddy not Mommy to Molley. LoL..., it's ok though everyone, for all she knows am both to here. LoL....

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how stinkin' cute!

hahaha...I love how expressive bullies can be! :)


Shannon and Winston :)

My swimming bully buddy!

My swimming bully buddy!

Michael Phelps who?

I do too. and I love how winston can swim, I also love the expression he's got going in this photo, to Cute!. It's like he's saying bring on... Michael Phelps. I would love to get Molley too do that some day (swim).

Aude amd Molley

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I can't believe you didn't recline the seat!

Poor girl was clearly exhausted. Next time, I expect you to recline the seat, have a nice comfy blanket on there, and cold water for sipping on demand.

Sheesh, dad!

Trust me... I did all that

Trust me... I did all that for her and she Does not like the seat to be reclined at all, she just kicks her blanky off the seat, as a matter of fact her blacky is on the foor when I took this photo. Lol...  Some times she doesn't even want any of her blankets on her own beds. But she loves Pillows. Molley's a very spoiled girl. Lol...


Aude and Molley

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I'm guessing

Molley rides in a series II discovery


-Sherm was here. 

You know your cars. That's

You know your cars. That's right... I own a 2000, D2 and a 92 Classic. She Love the seats in both the vechicles because they made them wide enough for her Fat! butt to sit up or lay down in, Lol... not like my other 3 vechicles, which were made for skinny ass's like me. Lol... she perferrs to sit in the back of them verus in the front. Lol... clever little girl.

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awww......Molley is sooo cute, maybe she was just totalllllly

relaxed and totally happy to be on a car ride with ya!  :-)  Our babies LOVE to ride in the car....


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Love that smoosh face

What a sweetie.