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Moar Lola!!!!

Hey all! I got instagram for my phone today so i took a bunch of pictures. Im at sgtskullsmasher. I post pocs of her, my rats, my snakes and what ever else.

Anyways! Here are some pics i took of lola today!!

Oh now I see Lola... this is

Oh now I see Lola... this is better photo angle of Lola than your first one. Now it see her clearly and that she is not mixed at All! nor as big as I first thought she was. Just the right and perfect Bully size and She's cute as hell. Almost as cute as my Molley....  ; )  welcome to BDW Lola.

Aude and Molley

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Glad to see you can post photos of you bully now, look forward to seeing more...


Cory & Penelope

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Photos are deleted

No fair - you're teasing!

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Sorry!!I moved the pictures


I moved the pictures on my photo bucket to a new folder...forgot they would do that!!

Ill make a new thread!