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Might be adding to the family, some needed advise

We might be adding another frenchie to our family. We might have our home visit this week, to see if she is a good fit for our family. I do have some concerns only because we have only ever had two dogs in our house at one time (that we have owned). I am afraid that she will bond with one of the boys and not the other, then that leaves one left out. I would hate to see one of them be left out of the playtime and snuggle time. The boys have been together since in the tummy, so I would hate to see their relationship change by bringing in another dog. We also have our cats to make sure she gets along with. I know she would have the best life here and she would be happy.
Any suggestions from anyone that has had or has more than two bullies or dogs would be appreciated.

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We had two bullies for a while and then...

added a third with Newman.  It took a little adjusting, mainly because Ollie, the oldest, doesn't much like other dogs, but Newman was so submissive, that he fit right in with the other two.  Usually it's Chester and Newman playing while Ollie is the fun police, but that's just because of his personality.  They all get along well, take their naps together, sleep together at night, go for walks together.  I think our next one will be a frenchie, they are just adorable.