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Maybull's free sample turned out to be...

Maybull's free sample turned out to be...CATFOOD! Maybull's a package of free canned food in the mail and it turned out to be catfood. She's livid, of course. Why isn't the mainstream media covering this shocking development?

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She should be outraged! lol

The nerve of some advertisers. lol. She looks in need of a treat for the indignity of it all. Hugs to Maybull! xo

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It sounds like we are going to BOYCOTT that place of business that false advertised. 


I'm sending you special hugs and treats right now. 


Soooo sorry girl.


Bulldogs changed our life!!!!!

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You give them a piece of your

You give them a piece of your mind girl!lol

smoochies the scrunchy face

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Sophia would piddle on it and send it back:-)

LOL! Poor Maybull! After all the waiting and anticipation! Cat food! Yuck:-(

Poor Maybull, is there no respect?


Amy and Sophia